Meet Our Licensed Appraiser Hugh Zhao

My name is Hugh Zhao, and I am an ISA licensed personal property appraiser. I am pleased to be able to offer FREE verbal appraisals on your antiques! First, a little bit more about myself. I was raised in beautiful Los Angeles, California and attended UCSD as my undergraduate program, during my time at UCSD, I was fortunate enough to earn my degree in Chinese Studies. I have been fortunate enough to work in a field I love, and to examine treasures from the past. If you have any questions regarding your Chinese antiques, or are in need of an appraisal please don't hesitate to contact us! We also provide insurance appraisals, and other qualified appraisals, please contact me directly for fee information.

Hugh Zhao
ISA Member Number: 6061942
ISA (International Society of Appraisers) member since Oct 23, 2019.

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